Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Whirlwind Trip - Kids' Choice Awards

Well we are finally back in Florida from our fantastic trip to the Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles sponsored by Nickelodeon. We were invited to be in the gift suite and I am so overwhelmed by the response of our Gymathtics DVD and just the graciousness of over the 40 kids stars (and some star adults) in taking the time out to be with us. My kids were in awe of the entire event.

I'm going to take the next several weeks and share with you these amazing people that we met. They took photos with us and even some video! I want to capture this experience so that both my kids and I can reflect back on it.

Also, I have some wonderful people who will be guest blogging here - some true professionals in the industries of education, fitness, family fun, and whatever direction we feel that Exploramania may take us. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I am looking forward to them.

So in the meantime, let me go sort out all of my photos and video so that I can share them and look for some DVD giveaways coming up. Currently I have one going on for the 100th follower on Twitter and I have more planned soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Particpating in the Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009
Hi I'm Carrie and even though I have just started blogging, I am eager to participate in the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 at www.5minuteformoms.com. I encourage you to go and check it out. Today and tomorrow are the last two days.

I wish I had been able to join earlier this week but we have landed in LA where we were invited to be here at the Kids' Choice Awards and all of my focus this week has been getting here. We also are experiencing growing pains because we've had to count on family and friends to cover us at the Spring Fling in Tampa on Saturday. Things are really happening for us.

Over time, my goal for the site will to be introducing lessons and activities along with general news of the company, what we're doing (like I hope to post some comments and pictures from our trips this weekend), and having some good fashioned family fun. I'm going to have my kids be guest bloggers and may find some of you that I'd love to feature for a day as we move on. If you are interested let me know - us moms have to stick together.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter (@Exploramania) as well as our Exploramania website at www.Exploramania.com. If you are a twitter person, check out my post below for our free DVD giveaway.

Off I go to join the fun!

Free Gymathtics DVD Giveaway

Are you on Twitter? We are! (@Exploramania) Come and follow us on Twitter and get the daily scoop on everything from activities to do at home to education with heath, math and other fun things! Want one more reason to follow us on Twitter? We will be giving away a FREE Gymathtics DVD to our 100th follower on Twitter. Check us out at www.twitter.com/Exploramania.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Award-Winning Exploramania Gymathtics DVD Goes to Kids Choice Awards

Tampa, FL., March 23, 2009 -- Exploramania is heading to Hollywood for the Kids Choice Awards where its Award-winning Exploracise Gymathtics DVD is one of the unique gifts for the stars in the Celebrity Gift Lounge on Friday, March 27. Dwayne Johnson will host the 2009 Awards ceremony on Saturday night.

Gymathtics debuted at the International Toy Fair in NYC in February where it was recognized as a new innovative product in the industry. The DVD is a fun educational exercise program that teaches math and healthy lifestyle concepts during a 30-minute workout. The exercise program has been enjoyed by children as young as age 3 to as young-at-heart as age 73, while the math concepts target the second

to fifth grade.

Hollywood Stars will meet the Gymathtics Stars including Ms. Carrie, Aaron, 9, and Felicia, 5. The Kids Choice Awards nominees are primarily children and teen celebrities and many of them will be among the stars that attend the Celebrity Gift Lounge and meet the Tampa-based Gymathtics cast. "It will be really cool to meet the famous kids that we see on TV," said Aaron. "I hope to meet Miley Cyrus," exclaims Felicia, "I am her BIGGEST fan."

"We are honored to be invited to participate in the Kids Choice Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge," states Scheiner, Founder of Exploramania. "Our passion is to help children exercise their minds and bodies to develop a healthy lifestyle for a successful life ahead. Many celebrities share the same passion of helping children and we look forward to sharing the Gymathtics product with them."

Stars scheduled for the 2009 live telecast according to Nickelodeon are Hugh Jackman, Amy Adams, George Lopez, Keke Palmer, Robert Pattinson, Queen Latifah, Amy Poehler, Ben Stiller, Reese Witherspoon, Miranda Cosgrove, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron and Nat and Alex Wolff. Also, the Jonas Brothers will be performing.

Stars from Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, and iCarly are expected to attend the Celebrity Gift Lounge. With so many top actors who have young children, Exploramania is hoping to share its DVD that touts "Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!" with the likes of Angelina Jolie, Callista Flockhart, and Julia Roberts, whose children are in the age range for whom Gymathtics was developed. "Kids today need more opportunities for educational and fitness activities to improve their health and knowledge," said Scheiner, a mom of two, and founder/CEO of Exploramania who developed the Gymathtics DVD as her first product in a line that she hopes will encourage kid fitness - both physical and mental.

News Image

The workout was made to encourage kids to learn while they burn (calories).

Circles, lines, and polygon stretches using arm and leg motions help teach children in an experienti

al video, replete with lively music and gentle guidance, to get little hearts racing with aerobic r

outines. Segments, such as "Counting Calisthenics" and "Pattern Power" feature aerobic movements that challenge minds and muscles.

Scheiner overcame her own challenges to bring this product to so many children. Affected by a food poisoning incident over ten years ago, she has managed an autoimmune condition, which has joint pain-like arthritis. Through a healthy lifestyle and physician supervision, she hesitantly moved forward to create the Exploracise Gymathtics program only to realize that the additional exercise developing the program helped her condition.

"Exercising regularly and proper nutrition can help with so many medical issues and is the key to a healthful life," said Scheiner. "We especially need to help children make positive choices to establish healthy lifestyle habits from an early age."

Monday, March 23, 2009

SPRING FLING Showcases Tampa's Exploramania "Gymathtics" Learning Workout, that Exercises Kids' Minds and Muscles, Proven to Assist Learning

TAMPA, FL, March 18, 2009 -- Amidst all the fun to be had at Spring Fling Saturday, March 28 at Hampton Lakes Plaza will be "Gymathtics" by Tampa's Exploramania www.exploramania.com that shows kids how to exercise their minds and their muscles while having fun.

Exploramania's Award-winning Exploracise Gymathtics DVD is among fun kids' activities such as a petting zoo, a fire truck, Easter egg hunts, and arts & crafts. Exploramania will be showing the DVD during the event from 11am-2pm. Spring Fling is being held at Main Street at Hampton Lakes Plaza, 12950 Race Track Rd. (corner of Race Track & Country Way).

Learning Express Toys in Westchase starting selling Exploramania's Gymathtics DVD in February and the response has been great so they are offering it at a special price as part of Spring Fling. It retails online for $24.99 but Learning Express Toys of Tampa in Westchase is offering it $19.99.

Gymathtics includes exercises duplicating circles, lines, and polygon stretches using arm and leg motions to teach children in an experiential video, replete with lively music and gentle guidance to get kids' hearts racing with aerobic routines. Scheiner stars in the video with her two children ages 5 and 9, and two Tampa teenagers. Segments, such as "Counting Calisthenics" and "Pattern Power" feature aerobic movements that challenge minds and muscles.

Scheiner uses multi-sensory learning techniques in her DVD, which are proven to improve retention and recall of concepts. Scientific research also shows that during exercise the brain increases the production of neural growth factors which improve learning. Exploracise Gymathtics combines multi-sense learning with the increase in neural growth factors produced during exercise to create the optimal environment and best techniques for children to learn math while getting healthful exercise.

The exercise workout is great for all ages; children as young as age 3 to as young-at-heart as age 73 have enjoyed the routine. The math facts target the second- to fifth-grade levels but can be understood by most ages through the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning techniques. Gymathtics is a new innovative tool for families, professionals, and instructors to help children "Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!", which is an Exploramania slogan.

About Exploramania

Established in 2008, Exploramania is the brainchild of Carrie Scheiner, a Tampa, FL-resident, who recognized the need for fun interactive educational experiences enriching the minds and bodies of children. Exploramania can be reached at 1-877-50-EXPLORAMANIA
(1-877-503-9756) and info@exploramania.com, and on Twitter @Exploramania

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Inspiration for Exploramania and Gymathtics

If someone told me a few years ago that I would be creating an educational exercise video for children once my kids were in elementary school, I would’ve said they are crazy. So, how did we get to ExploramaniaTM and the first video, GymathticsTM? It is a story of passions, dreams and overcoming obstacles, as well as, the incredible support from my amazing husband, Adam.

The Inspiration

The first smile, the first step — you wake up and they are in pre-school, you blink and they are in elementary school. As my children, Aaron and Felicia, entered elementary school, it became clear there were fewer outlets for their high energy and creative expression. Both my children are passionate about learning and love school. Aaron especially is a highly energetic and active child. When they returned home from elementary school, my children’s interests shifted to TV programs and computer games with minimal educational content. The choices for organized programs outside of school for physical activity seemed to change to just sports or dance and tutoring for educational options. Kids need opportunities for educational and physical activities both during and after school that are fun and benefit their bodies and brains. Another incident, which was one of the major pushes for ExploramaniaTM, was when Aaron told me he watched a cartoon at school because it was raining and his class could not go outside.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank You For Visiting!

Exploramania is about to launch an exciting new Online Marketing campaign which will include this new blog. Stay tuned for new and exciting things to come this way and check back often.

Our first launch will be on Twitter March 16th. Please come join us there as well and follow our progress: http://twitter.com/Exploramania.