Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Inspiration for Exploramania and Gymathtics

If someone told me a few years ago that I would be creating an educational exercise video for children once my kids were in elementary school, I would’ve said they are crazy. So, how did we get to ExploramaniaTM and the first video, GymathticsTM? It is a story of passions, dreams and overcoming obstacles, as well as, the incredible support from my amazing husband, Adam.

The Inspiration

The first smile, the first step — you wake up and they are in pre-school, you blink and they are in elementary school. As my children, Aaron and Felicia, entered elementary school, it became clear there were fewer outlets for their high energy and creative expression. Both my children are passionate about learning and love school. Aaron especially is a highly energetic and active child. When they returned home from elementary school, my children’s interests shifted to TV programs and computer games with minimal educational content. The choices for organized programs outside of school for physical activity seemed to change to just sports or dance and tutoring for educational options. Kids need opportunities for educational and physical activities both during and after school that are fun and benefit their bodies and brains. Another incident, which was one of the major pushes for ExploramaniaTM, was when Aaron told me he watched a cartoon at school because it was raining and his class could not go outside.

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  1. Your videos sound like fun...I'll have to check them out...I also have 2 highly energetic boys :-).