Monday, April 6, 2009

April is Math Awareness Month

Yes, April is Math Awareness Month. How are you celebrating? I always get interesting reactions when I tell some that I have a degree in Math with a minor in secondary education and my Masters in Statistics. Once in a while, the reaction is positive "I always liked math." or "I did well in statistics."

However, most reactions are cringes and flashbacks to math classes in school where they were not the "best" in math. I usually term this as math anxiety. But math is in EVERYTHING that you do and you probably do not even realize it. Just to list a few - driving (miles per hour, miles per gallon), eating (calories, % fat), shopping (prices, discounts), even putting on make up relates to symmetry.

Do something fun to celebrate! Of course, I would suggest you do the Gymathtics program with your kids for fun family time and learning math. Even more importantly, you do not want your kids to be the one cringing when they remember their school days in math class.

Happy counting!


  1. DreamBox Learning is celebrating Math Awareness Month with the kids. We have created a fun calendar of math activities for the month of April with this years theme in mind. Here is the URL for the calendar Feel free to spread it around to any teachers, parents, or future mathematicians that want to celebrate too.

  2. Ever heard of dyscalculia? "Math dyslexia". Check out