Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celebrate Math Awareness Month with Exploramania Gymathtics-Support House for Abused Children

There will be a demonstration of the award-winning Gymathtics program, give-aways, and autographs by the Gymathtics cast including Ms. Carrie, Aaron, and Felicia. A portion of the sales raises funds during the Joshua House Barnes & Noble Bookfair April 24 - 30. Gymathtics fits exercise and learning into a kid’s busy day, and keeps them actively “enrolled” on weekends and vacations.

Scheiner, Exploramania’s founder/CEO, a former math educator, is passionate about helping kids learn through fun interactive techniques. She noticed her own kids ages 5 and 9, were watching too much TV and internet games, and wanted to produce an exercise DVD to help them “Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!” -- the Gymathtics mantra.

Circles, lines, and polygon stretches using arm and leg motions help teach children in an experiential 30-minute workout video, with lively music and gentle guidance to get little hearts racing with aerobic routines. Scheiner stars in the video with her two children, and local Tampa teenagers. Segments such as “Counting Calisthenics” and “Pattern Power” feature aerobic movements that challenge minds and muscles.

National statistics widely point to both a child obesity epidemic and an education crisis in America. The Exploracise Gymathtics DVD is one more tool for families, professionals, and instructors to combat these issues that face so many children in America today. Exploramania is also excited to partner with the Joshua House to benefit disadvantaged children in Tampa.
source: FPR

To view the Gymathtics routine go to the Exploramania website. The DVD is now available in Tampa at Barnes & Noble Carrollwood and Learning Express Westchase, and online at,, and .

Joshua House is part of the Children’s Home Society of Florida, the largest statewide not-for-profit organization that cares for vulnerable children in Florida. This safe and nurturing environment provides high quality programs designed to build self-esteem, teach coping skills, improve educational abilities and meet basic needs of love, protection and trust. Children are placed at Joshua House after removal from harmful or unhealthy living situations.

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