Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day and Math

Earth Day happens to fall during Math Awareness Month and this year's theme for the Math conference is Climate Change. So, how can you have fun with math on Earth Day?

How are you celebrating Earth Day? If you are planting trees, collecting trash, or measuring the temperature, math can be incorporated into all of these activities and more. When planting trees or flowers, you can count the seeds, measure how deep the hole is that you dig to plant a tree, measure the amount of water that you pour on the plant, etc.

Collecting trash you can count the total number of trash bags collected, the weight of all the trash collected, and how much trash would be collected if 1000 more people across the country collected the same amount of trash?

When collecting newspapers for recycling, you can measure how many inches of paper was collected. How many pages of paper are in an inch then estimate in a foot or a mile?

Now back to climate change, what is the temperature in the morning on Earth Day where you live and what is the high? What was the change in temperature for that day in Fahrenheit? In Celsius? Chart the high and lows for a week and get the average high and low for your location the week of Earth Day. Compare to other cities around the country. Maybe family or friends in
other cities can track the same measurements and you can compare which are greater or lower.

There are so many fun ways to incorporate Math into your Earth Day activities including using the Gymathtics DVD. Post some other ideas on our blog for entries into our April 25 Live Virtual Event.

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  1. Great ideas here.
    I love to recycle - and I make sure the recycle bin is completely full before putting it out on the street. How many LESS stops could the recycle truck make if we help the recycling process first? And how much would that reduce my carbon footprint?
    Rinse plates before loading the dishwasher - and run the machine less frequently...
    It all makes a difference.
    Thanks Carrie for the inspiration.