Monday, April 13, 2009

Exploramania and Moises Arias of "Hannah Montana" and "Dapnapped"

Meeting Moises was like a dream come true for Felicia. Felicia is a mini-Hannah Montana from her natural blonde hair to her clothes, backpack, shoes, singing, dancing, and dreams of stardom. Aaron also was very excited to meet Moises because he plays Rico in the Hannah Montana show which is his favorite character.

Both Aaron and Felicia were so excited to meet Moises and his family. It was really fabulous to share our new Award Winning Gymathtics DVD with him. He thought it was a "Really Great Idea and Cool". See more of the discussion with Moises and hear that famous laugh as he says "Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!"

We look forward to seeing him tonight in the Hannah Montana movie that came out Friday. Another fun activity for Spring Break starting this week for Aaron and Felicia. Use Gymathtics with your kids during Spring Break and all summer to keep them active and learning, so they do not forget their math facts while on break.

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