Wednesday, April 1, 2009

“Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!” with Kyle Massey

The entire experience of meeting the celebrities from the shows that Aaron and Felicia watch on TV was surreal. Even though we limit screen time, the kids really like “Cory in the House” especially Kyle Massey's character. Meeting “Cory” was amazing for the kids and they thought he was really nice. Aaron and Felicia also loved how he exclaimed the slogan “Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!” with such overwhelming enthusiasm.

From the very moment we met, Kyle was genuinely interested in our passion of helping children exercise their minds and bodies. As we discussed our new award winning product, he became more interested and reiterated the dual importance of both education and exercise. He was just so positive from commenting on the “clever” name Gymathtics to the “Best of both worlds buying this DVD” emphasizing the current relevance to the importance of both exercise and education.

We are going to unofficially announce that Kyle Massey had the MOST ENTHUSIASTIC PERFORMANCE for our “Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!” Slogan Challenge. It is going to take us a little more time to get through all of the videos from the event but you can see his over the top performance and view more event photos on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more updates of the MANY stars we met at the Kids' Choice Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge.

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