Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hannah Montana Heaven

Hannah Montana's cast was in our living room and on the big screen during spring break. The first week break began was Handpicked Hannah week and on Thursday night, Moises selected our favorite episode of all time - the Bone Dance. Needless to say, it is saved on our DVR forever and was probably watched non-stop for the 24 hours following the recording. It was very cool that Moises Arias, who we met at the Kid's Choice Awards Gift Room, picked this show. Even more exciting, is that it actually teaches how to learn the bones through a fun interactive learning technique similar to the philosophies of Gymathtics. The Miley character learns the 206 bones by creating a Hannah dance so she can pass her test and go to Europe. Exploramania is creating interactive educational products for kids to have fun while learning. So, this will be one episode we'll let the kids watch.

Of course, we saw the Hannah Montana movie within a week of its debut at the box office. Aaron and Felicia both thought it was funny. Felicia who is the ULTIMATE Hannah fan and looks like her with natural blonde hair, thought the movie was AWESOME and SUPER COOL.It is definitely a whole new world watching these shows after meeting Moises Arias who plays Rico, Shanica Knowles who plays Amber, and Romi Dames who plays Hannah's friend - Traci Van Horn. Check out the videos from the Kids Choice Awards with all three actors at The kids loved seeing Rico covered in cake in the Movie especially dancing the Hoedown.

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