Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hear Jason and Maiara's enthusiasm as they say they Gymathtics' slogan "Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun"

All of the stars were so nice and really found Gymathtics interesting since it is so new and can help so many children. Aaron really enjoyed meeting Jason Dolly of “Cory on the House” since he was one of the stars of the Minutemen movie. Aaron loves science and that movie was about time travel. We look forward to seeing him in his new movie, Hatching Pete.

Maiara Walsh was very sweet to Aaron and Felicia. She was very nice to talk to about helping children with the need for more exercise. It was very nice speaking to both of them and hearing their great comments about Gymathtics.

They did an outstanding job in the "Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!" slogan challenge but we have not officially finalized which category they captured. Stay tuned in the future for the results. In the meantime, check out their video with us!

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