Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prize Giveaway #4

If you have started following us in the middle of the event, don't worry just jump right in! Want to start at the beginning of our Gymathtics LIVE Event? You can do so by clicking on the blue event image to the right and it will take you right to the beginning!
We’re announcing our next giveaway during our Gymathtics LIVE Event - an iPod Shuffle that you can use when you workout!

Here’s what you need to do (must be entered during our live event on 04/24/09 between 2-5pm EST):

* Leave a comment on this post letting me know you are virtually pa
rticipating in the Gymathtics LIVE Event (REQUIRED) Note that early entries are already accounted for.
* Tweet this contest
<-- Just click on the link, it’s THAT easy! (Optional - 1 additional entry for each Tweet)
* Follow me on Twitter (Optional - 1 additional entry)
* Blog about this contest (Optional - 1 additional entry for each
blog post)
* Join my group on Facebook (Optional - 1 additional e

Winners will be announced after the event in a separate post!

...just click on our red rocket to blast you off to the new section.

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