Friday, April 24, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain & Alexander Ludwig

Race to Witch Mountain was a family activity the first weekend of Spring Break. The movie had been out for a little while so we thought it would be less crowded then the Hannah Montana movie debuting that weekend. It was a thrill from beginning to end and Aaron LOVED IT. He said it was the coolest most awesome movie ever. Felicia fell asleep for most of it which was okay since we all thought it was a little too scary for her.

What was probably the most exciting part of the movie was to see Alexander Ludwig as the character Seth. We met Alexander just a couple weeks earlier at the Kid's Choice Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge. He was actually on his way out of the room when we asked if he could come and meet Aaron and Felicia, since I knew we would be seeing his movie during Spring Break. He was so nice and kind to the kids. Even though he plays an alien in the movie, he is a very down to earth person that we all enjoyed having the opportunity to meet. Check out our quick visit with Alexander Ludwig on the Exploramania YouTube Channel and watch how much fun he had with the Exploracise Gymathtics slogan challenge.

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