Saturday, April 25, 2009

WELCOME to our first ever Gymathtics LIVE Event!

We are SO excited that you have come and joined us for this LIVE event. I thought we'd start off by introducing you to the Exploracise Gymathics Cast:

Carrie, Founder of Exploramania and Cast Member
Carrie has a lifelong love of helping others and is passionate about helping children learn math. She earned a Bachelors of Arts in Math with a minor in Secondary Education at Douglass College of Rutgers University, where she won an award for best student teacher for secondary math.

Joanne, Choreographer
Joanne is an experienced fitness professional and has been in the fitness business since 1981. She is currently the owner of Bodywise Fitness Services and previously owned and operated the Bodywise Aerobic & Wellness Center for seven years with her husband.

Aaron, Cast Member
Aaron is a very active 3rd grader who loves school. His favorite educational subjects are science and computers and he keeps busy with many after-school activities including Tae Kwon Do, piano, soccer, and cub scouts. He also enjoys biking, swimming, Pokemon, and talking to friends.

Felecia, Cast Member
Felecia is a very social Kindergartener. She loves school and hugs everyone, including friends and teachers. Felicia keeps active by participating in many activities including dance, piano, and Tae Kwon Do. She also enjoys singing, biking, swimming, lip gloss, and Hannah Montana.

Jonathan, Cast Member
Jonathan is a very lively college student who loves school and enjoys studying history and English. He keeps active by playing basketball, football, and baseball. He also enjoys watching sports, being together with friends, reading, and going for walks to enjoy nature.

Kelsey, Cast Member
Kelsey is a very energetic college student who loves to exercise and socialize with her friends. She keeps very busy by keeping up with her homework, dancing, running, and spending time with her family and pet dog. She also enjoys acting, drawing, and cooking healthy foods.

So now t
hat you have met everyone let's get started! Since the event is for 3 hours (2-5pm EST), we will continue to add to this blog throughout. This way no matter what time you join you can just jump in and catch up when you can. In order to let you know where the new part of our post begins...just click on our red rocket to blast you off to the new section.

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