Thursday, May 28, 2009

So much to write, So little time...

Exploramania was invited to participate in the Kids' Choice Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge in March. We met over 40 celebrities and shared the Award Winning Gymathtics DVD with them explaining our product and asking them to participate in the GET FIT! GET SMART! HAVE FUN! Slogan Challenge. We have blogged about a few and put up videos on the Exploramania YouTube channel for many. Life is just so busy as a mom and entrepreneur that the goal of blogging about each celebrity will probably not come to fruition. Later this week we are going back to Hollywood for the MTV Movie Awards Gift Room and will meet even more celebrities during the two day event.

Just a final note that meeting these celebrities at the KCA Gift Room was so surreal and exciting. Everyone was so nice and seemed genuinely interested in our vision to help children develop a love of learning and healthy lifestyle to be a DREAM STRETCH Star for life.

We will continue to add new videos to so check back each week to see which celebrity video was added. With our next trip to CA, there will be even more videos coming from that visit.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May is Physical Fitness Awareness Month

May is the perfect month for Physical Fitness Awareness Month. In many warmer climates, it is still a good temperature to be active outdoors before the heat of the summer sets in. In the cooler climates, it is getting warmer and just the beginning of fun outdoor activities as the summer approaches.

What physical activities have you (or your children) done lately? There are so many fun fitness activities that you can do as a family to keep everyone active. The Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics DVD is one activity that everyone can do together or kids can do while parents are busy with household responsibilities. Get a complete 30 minute workout while learning about math and healthy lifestyle concepts. Children as young as age 3 to as young-at-heart as age 73 can enjoy the exercise program.

There are many outdoor activities from kicking a ball to swimming. You can add math into many of these activities. The example uses counting and adding with basketball. Aaron and Felicia like to play a basketball game called 21. You have to get a total number of points of 21. Depending upon which line you shoot from determines how many points you get for that basket. Once someone wins the game by reaching twenty one, we also jog around the play area counting from 21 down to 0 just to get in a little extra exercise and math. Add comments on fun active ideas that you do to keep kids exercising their minds and bodies.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get Active for Summer

Last Saturday, Gymathtics was mentioned in a Tampa article about indoor active ideas to keep kids moving during the summer months. The Exploracise Gymathtics DVD was also nominated for the Dr. Toy Vacation Products Award to be announced in June. In Florida, it can be too hot or rainy to do outdoor activities and safe indoor alternatives are key.

In addition to being active like the WII or other exercise videos for kids, Gymathtics incorporates educational concepts to keep their minds active too. During the summer months while kids are on break, Gymathtics exercises kids minds and bodies with learning math facts and healthy lifestyle concepts during a 30-minute workout.

The combination of exercise with multisensory learning actually helps children learn the information more completely increasing retention and understanding of concepts. The best part about the program is that children do not even realize they are learning while they are having fun doing to the exercise routine.

The Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics DVD and other exer-gaming products are a great way for busy parents to keep kids active while at home over the summer. Visit to learn more about the product and see a short video clip.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Exploramania Dream and Overcoming Obstacles

Just before Felicia entered school full-time, Adam and I participated in a seminar called Maui Mastermind. The leader, David Finkel, and the guest speaker, Elizabeth Kanna, both spoke about stretching your mind to create BIG dreams, finding your passions and understanding your unique talents. As I moved into the next phase of my life, I wanted to return to my passions for helping children and math education. I wondered how could I use my unique talents of product development and planning to fuel my passions and create a BIG dream? The brainstorming began and Exploramania was born. The vision of helping children learn through fun interactive experiences grew into the first series and product, Exploracise Gymathtics. I wanted to create products that synthesize education and a healthy lifestyle, beginning with my passion for math education.

However, I have never made a movie and never created an exercise program. An even bigger obstacle was that I have an autoimmune disease that creates joint and muscle pain that could have been a major obstacle in creating a children's exercise video.

I moved forward and worked with an amazing video production company,, who helped provide some initial direction in creating the movie. I was also lucky that my friend and neighbor Joanne, who lives across the street from me, is an expert in the fitness industry. When Joanne and I first met to create the routine, I did not know what bpm (beats per minute) meant and she was not sure about a quadrilateral. Yet together we began creating a kids workout that will help so many children.

Under physician supervision, we developed, practiced and taped the exercise routine. As I exercised to practice and create the program, the extra exercise made my body feel better instead of worse. Again, knowing my medical issues, I would have told someone they were crazy to think I would create an exercise video for kids. But, I visualized my dream and succeeded by overcoming my biggest obstacle and believing that no obstacle would get in my way. I hope my story shows others that you can reach for your dreams and achieve them when you put your mind to it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Sonny" Stars with Exploramania at Kid's Choice Awards

It was so exciting to meet Tiffany Thornton and Doug Brochu from Sonny with a Chance. This show just began recently and we had only seen one episode before participating in the Kid's Choice Awards. Funny enough the episode we saw was where Tiffany Thornton wore a bald cap to protest negative comments about her on the web. So, Felicia was very interested in the bald cap and asking her about it. We were so excited to share Gymathtics with Tiffany because she has a nephew that is just at the right age to enjoy the program. She mentioned that she was going to share it with him during an up coming family visit. We know that he will enjoy it and they will Get Fit! Get Smart! and Have Fun together!

I think Felicia's favorite episode that we have watched since the event is the Check It Out Girls. Even though this episode also included the ideas of learning geometry, I was a little concerned about some of the messages being presented. Of course, we have to remember that these shows are entertainment and can be enjoyed knowing that they are not real. "Check Out" the videos of Tiffany and Doug's versions of the Gymathtics Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun! slogan on the Exploramania YouTube Channel. "Yeah, Check it Out!" Check Out the Gymathtics video at Check Out the Gymathtics program on your TV! Check Out Your Kids getting healthy using the video! Check Out 30 minutes of quiet while your kids are using the video!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Experience Family Fun

Exploramania wants to develop products that create interactive educational experiences. Everyone can have fun through hands-on experiences at any age. You can create your own experiences in your home, yard, neighborhood, or take a trip.

This past weekend we celebrated Felicia's birthday by taking a trip to Orlando. She experienced special time with Daddy camping and sleeping in a tent and a special day with family and friends at Epcot. There are so many wonderful places to learn through hands on experiences including science centers, museums, gardens, and last weekend it was Epcot.

We are so fortunate to live in Florida and have experienced Epcot before as a family. However, each time we learn something new and experience something different. This time we tried the new Team Possible adventure which had the kids searching for clues and finding secret treasures in the countries. I think Japan may have been the favorite for both the adventure
and the gift shop.
With summer just around the corner, plan some fun family day trips to local sites. If you do some research in advance, you can create your own thrilling adventure to learn about new things through fun interactive experiences. You can also have a fun interactive experience right in your
home with Gymathtics. Visit to learn more or order your copy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

On the Road Again

Exploramania is once again heading to Hollywood. This time we are going to participate in the 2009 MTV Movie Awards as one of the unique gifts for the stars in the Celebrity Gift Lounge on May 29th & 30th. We are excited about this opportunity as our experience at the Kids Choice Awards was phenomenal. It will be fun to see who we will get to meet and of course we will share our experience here on our upcoming blogs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May is Fitness Awareness Month

May has been observed as National Physical Fitness Awareness Month since 1983. Led by The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, many organizations and individuals have developed programs or events to promote the importance of physical activity to create a healthy lifestyle leading to a happier and more productive life.

Many states, towns and neighborhoods will be participating in events to increase awareness of physical fitness and sports. Check your local paper to see what activities maybe be happening in your town and get involved. You can do more right in your home through several family fun activities. Exploramania launched our first product focused on getting kids healthy with a 30 minute workout that also teaches math facts and healthy lifestyle concepts.

The Exploracise series will continue to bring interactive educational exercise products to families to Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun! Learn more about the Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics program at Celebrate National Physical Fitness Awareness Month by bringing Gymathtics into your home and having family fun together!