Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Exploramania Dream and Overcoming Obstacles

Just before Felicia entered school full-time, Adam and I participated in a seminar called Maui Mastermind. The leader, David Finkel, and the guest speaker, Elizabeth Kanna, both spoke about stretching your mind to create BIG dreams, finding your passions and understanding your unique talents. As I moved into the next phase of my life, I wanted to return to my passions for helping children and math education. I wondered how could I use my unique talents of product development and planning to fuel my passions and create a BIG dream? The brainstorming began and Exploramania was born. The vision of helping children learn through fun interactive experiences grew into the first series and product, Exploracise Gymathtics. I wanted to create products that synthesize education and a healthy lifestyle, beginning with my passion for math education.

However, I have never made a movie and never created an exercise program. An even bigger obstacle was that I have an autoimmune disease that creates joint and muscle pain that could have been a major obstacle in creating a children's exercise video.

I moved forward and worked with an amazing video production company,, who helped provide some initial direction in creating the movie. I was also lucky that my friend and neighbor Joanne, who lives across the street from me, is an expert in the fitness industry. When Joanne and I first met to create the routine, I did not know what bpm (beats per minute) meant and she was not sure about a quadrilateral. Yet together we began creating a kids workout that will help so many children.

Under physician supervision, we developed, practiced and taped the exercise routine. As I exercised to practice and create the program, the extra exercise made my body feel better instead of worse. Again, knowing my medical issues, I would have told someone they were crazy to think I would create an exercise video for kids. But, I visualized my dream and succeeded by overcoming my biggest obstacle and believing that no obstacle would get in my way. I hope my story shows others that you can reach for your dreams and achieve them when you put your mind to it.

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