Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May is Physical Fitness Awareness Month

May is the perfect month for Physical Fitness Awareness Month. In many warmer climates, it is still a good temperature to be active outdoors before the heat of the summer sets in. In the cooler climates, it is getting warmer and just the beginning of fun outdoor activities as the summer approaches.

What physical activities have you (or your children) done lately? There are so many fun fitness activities that you can do as a family to keep everyone active. The Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics DVD is one activity that everyone can do together or kids can do while parents are busy with household responsibilities. Get a complete 30 minute workout while learning about math and healthy lifestyle concepts. Children as young as age 3 to as young-at-heart as age 73 can enjoy the exercise program.

There are many outdoor activities from kicking a ball to swimming. You can add math into many of these activities. The example uses counting and adding with basketball. Aaron and Felicia like to play a basketball game called 21. You have to get a total number of points of 21. Depending upon which line you shoot from determines how many points you get for that basket. Once someone wins the game by reaching twenty one, we also jog around the play area counting from 21 down to 0 just to get in a little extra exercise and math. Add comments on fun active ideas that you do to keep kids exercising their minds and bodies.

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