Friday, May 15, 2009

"Sonny" Stars with Exploramania at Kid's Choice Awards

It was so exciting to meet Tiffany Thornton and Doug Brochu from Sonny with a Chance. This show just began recently and we had only seen one episode before participating in the Kid's Choice Awards. Funny enough the episode we saw was where Tiffany Thornton wore a bald cap to protest negative comments about her on the web. So, Felicia was very interested in the bald cap and asking her about it. We were so excited to share Gymathtics with Tiffany because she has a nephew that is just at the right age to enjoy the program. She mentioned that she was going to share it with him during an up coming family visit. We know that he will enjoy it and they will Get Fit! Get Smart! and Have Fun together!

I think Felicia's favorite episode that we have watched since the event is the Check It Out Girls. Even though this episode also included the ideas of learning geometry, I was a little concerned about some of the messages being presented. Of course, we have to remember that these shows are entertainment and can be enjoyed knowing that they are not real. "Check Out" the videos of Tiffany and Doug's versions of the Gymathtics Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun! slogan on the Exploramania YouTube Channel. "Yeah, Check it Out!" Check Out the Gymathtics video at Check Out the Gymathtics program on your TV! Check Out Your Kids getting healthy using the video! Check Out 30 minutes of quiet while your kids are using the video!

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