Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Making of Exploracise Gymathtics II - Fast Paced Fun

Last week, we taped a new section being added to Gymathtics II called Algebra Aerobics. This exciting section is fast paced and increases the aerobic conditioning in the routine. Participants will get their heart pumping with Counting Calisthenics and then move to Algebra Aerobics increasing their exercise level to challenge their body and mind.

Scientific research shows that during exercise neural growth factors are released in the brain increasing retention of concepts. It is like miracle gro for the brain so you learn things better and more completely during or right after exercise. The Exploracise Gymathtics programs leverage both the increased understanding of concepts from exercise and multisensory educational techniques which is also proven to improve learning.

During this fun new part of the routine, the algebraic equation has a solution of the total number of exercises completed. You will have to wait to see the movie to learn more about the equation and exercises but I will let you in on a secret that the solution is 100 total exercises. Get ready
to condition your heart and head with Algebra Aerobics coming soon in the next Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics II DVD.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

President Clinton Highlights Economic Impact of Obesity Epidemic on Healthcare

Alliance for a Healthier Generation Receives Pioneering Innovation Award from CDC

(NEW YORK) July 27, 2009 – President Bill Clinton today brought attention to the growing healthcare costs related to obesity in the United States and the urgent need for better prevention, assessment and treatment of the childhood obesity epidemic.

President Clinton, speaking at Weight of the Nation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s inaugural conference on obesity, discussed the significant impact of obesity on our nation’s healthcare system. According to figures released by the CDC today, obesity costs our nation as much as $147 billion per year in direct health care costs and lost productivity.
The President highlighted the work of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a joint initiative of the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, facilitating innovations to significantly reduce childhood obesity in the United States by 2015.

“Nearly one-in-three children and teens in the United States are overweight or obese,” said President Clinton. “As the healthcare costs of obesity continue to soar, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthcare Initiative has taken a lead by bringing together health insurers, employers, and national medical associations to provide more than one million kids and teens in the U.S. with healthcare benefits for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity, but we must all do more to develop innovative solutions to combat the obesity epidemic.”

Launched in February 2009, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthcare Initiative marks the first time national medical associations, leading insurers, and employers have collaborated to combat childhood obesity. Eligible children will have access to up to four follow up visits with their primary care provider and up to four visits with a registered dietitian per year (which depending on the carrier might occur through the physician’s practice). These healthcare professionals will work with children and their families on how to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“We know that effective prevention and reversal of obesity in childhood will lead to longer and healthier lives,” said Clyde Yancy, MD, president of the American Heart Association and medical director for Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute and chief of cardiothoracic transplantation at Baylor University Medical Center. “Through the Alliance Healthcare Initiative, the best science will inform prevention and treatment to help those most in need – the overweight and obese children. The American Heart Association is delighted to partner with the Clinton Foundation on this wonderful initiative.”

Current participants in the Alliance Healthcare Initiative include the national insurers, Aetna and WellPoint, along with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, PepsiCo, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dietetic Association.

In addition to presenting the keynote address at the conference, President Clinton accepted the Pioneering Innovation Award on behalf of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The award recognizes the success of the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program, established to help schools develop and implement policies and practices to promote healthy eating and increase physical activity. Currently more than 5,000 schools and more than three million students across the U.S. belong to the Healthy Schools Program.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition from the CDC for our work with schools,” said Ginny Ehrlich, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. “We believe there is no single cause and no single solution to the childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S. That is why the Alliance works to positively affect the places that can make a difference to a child’s health including at schools and in doctors’ offices.”

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation will have a prominent role at the conference. On Tuesday, July 28th Ginny Ehrlich, Alliance Executive Director will moderate a panel discussion on “Engaging Medical Systems in Obesity Prevention.” Additionally, Jessica Donze Black, Alliance Healthy Schools Program Director will moderate “Raising a Healthy Generation Once School at a Time” on Wednesday, July 29th.

About the Alliance for a Healthier Generation
The American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation joined forces in May of 2005 to create a healthier generation by addressing one of the nation’s leading public health threats – childhood obesity. The goal of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is to reduce the nationwide prevalence of childhood obesity by 2015, and to empower kids nationwide to make healthy lifestyle choices. The Alliance works to positively affect the places that can make a difference to a child’s health: homes, schools, restaurants, doctor’s offices and communities. For more information please visit:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Making of Gymathtics II

It is so exciting to be working on Gymathtics II. We are taking all of the wonderful things we learned about making a video the first time and creating an even better exercise and educational experience. The first Exploracise Gymathtics DVD has already won SIX awards so how can Gymathtics II top it.

Well, I am not sure it will top it but it will be just as much fun exercising minds and bodies to be a DREAM Stretch Star for life. We recently filmed the outdoor sections of the video including Pattern Power and the Well Being Wind Down. We are so fortunate to have the serene and beautiful backdrop of the gorgeous home of a close family friend and had such a wonderful day to create colorful scenes for the video.

The most exciting news for the Gymathtics II video is our new cast members. Anika, an active and enthusiastic fourth grader, and her brother, Sean, a very happy kindergartener, are joining the original Gymathtics cast to bring more fun to the group. Aaron, Felicia, Kelsey and Jonathan are all having fun learning and practicing the routines together with Anika and Sean.

At the first filming, the creative team came up with a unique idea for the beginning of the Well Being Wind Down segment. The cast will definitely make a big Splash in that scene. No, this is not High School Musical 2 but Gymathtics II has a pool scene with a twist. You will have to wait for the video to find out.

More coming about the making of Gymathtics II as we practice a new section called Algebra Aerobics. Yes, Algebra to exercise can be fun to condition the heart and head for a healthy life.

Monday, July 6, 2009

MTV Movie Awards

Another incredible experience sharing the Award Winning Gymathtics DVD with celebrities at the Connected! MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite. We met over 60 celebrities during the two day event including Erik Estrada, Fred Willard, Christopher Atkins, Leticia Cyrus, David Henrie, Debby Ryan, Emily Grace Reaves, and Sterling Knight.

Not only, did we share the amazing Gymathtics routine that encourages everyone to be a DREAM Stretch Star. But we gave t-shirts with this slogan to the Hollywood Stars and many celebrities also signed shirts that will be auctioned to support a children's charity.

Each and every celebrity we meet are so nice. This time we had a lot of fun talking with Daniel Curtis Lee who is on the new Zeke and Luther show (by the way, Adam Hicks does not seem like his character at all - amazing acting). He was so interested in learning more about our program that he started trying out the exercises right there with the video. Check out the video with Daniel.
We also really enjoyed talking to Tiffany Thornton from Sonny with a Chance. This was our second time meeting Tiffany and Felicia ran over giving her a hug when she walked in the door. I was very enthusiastic to hear if she tried the Gymathtics program with her 4-year old nephew that was going to be visiting a few weeks after the Kids Choice Awards. Well, she did try it with him and he LOVED it!! "Check it out" and hear all of her great comments on YouTube including Felicia and Tiffany doing the check it out girls routine for Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!