Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Making of Exploracise Gymathtics II - Fast Paced Fun

Last week, we taped a new section being added to Gymathtics II called Algebra Aerobics. This exciting section is fast paced and increases the aerobic conditioning in the routine. Participants will get their heart pumping with Counting Calisthenics and then move to Algebra Aerobics increasing their exercise level to challenge their body and mind.

Scientific research shows that during exercise neural growth factors are released in the brain increasing retention of concepts. It is like miracle gro for the brain so you learn things better and more completely during or right after exercise. The Exploracise Gymathtics programs leverage both the increased understanding of concepts from exercise and multisensory educational techniques which is also proven to improve learning.

During this fun new part of the routine, the algebraic equation has a solution of the total number of exercises completed. You will have to wait to see the movie to learn more about the equation and exercises but I will let you in on a secret that the solution is 100 total exercises. Get ready
to condition your heart and head with Algebra Aerobics coming soon in the next Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics II DVD.

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