Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Making of Gymathtics II

It is so exciting to be working on Gymathtics II. We are taking all of the wonderful things we learned about making a video the first time and creating an even better exercise and educational experience. The first Exploracise Gymathtics DVD has already won SIX awards so how can Gymathtics II top it.

Well, I am not sure it will top it but it will be just as much fun exercising minds and bodies to be a DREAM Stretch Star for life. We recently filmed the outdoor sections of the video including Pattern Power and the Well Being Wind Down. We are so fortunate to have the serene and beautiful backdrop of the gorgeous home of a close family friend and had such a wonderful day to create colorful scenes for the video.

The most exciting news for the Gymathtics II video is our new cast members. Anika, an active and enthusiastic fourth grader, and her brother, Sean, a very happy kindergartener, are joining the original Gymathtics cast to bring more fun to the group. Aaron, Felicia, Kelsey and Jonathan are all having fun learning and practicing the routines together with Anika and Sean.

At the first filming, the creative team came up with a unique idea for the beginning of the Well Being Wind Down segment. The cast will definitely make a big Splash in that scene. No, this is not High School Musical 2 but Gymathtics II has a pool scene with a twist. You will have to wait for the video to find out.

More coming about the making of Gymathtics II as we practice a new section called Algebra Aerobics. Yes, Algebra to exercise can be fun to condition the heart and head for a healthy life.

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