Monday, July 6, 2009

MTV Movie Awards

Another incredible experience sharing the Award Winning Gymathtics DVD with celebrities at the Connected! MTV Movie Awards Gift Suite. We met over 60 celebrities during the two day event including Erik Estrada, Fred Willard, Christopher Atkins, Leticia Cyrus, David Henrie, Debby Ryan, Emily Grace Reaves, and Sterling Knight.

Not only, did we share the amazing Gymathtics routine that encourages everyone to be a DREAM Stretch Star. But we gave t-shirts with this slogan to the Hollywood Stars and many celebrities also signed shirts that will be auctioned to support a children's charity.

Each and every celebrity we meet are so nice. This time we had a lot of fun talking with Daniel Curtis Lee who is on the new Zeke and Luther show (by the way, Adam Hicks does not seem like his character at all - amazing acting). He was so interested in learning more about our program that he started trying out the exercises right there with the video. Check out the video with Daniel.
We also really enjoyed talking to Tiffany Thornton from Sonny with a Chance. This was our second time meeting Tiffany and Felicia ran over giving her a hug when she walked in the door. I was very enthusiastic to hear if she tried the Gymathtics program with her 4-year old nephew that was going to be visiting a few weeks after the Kids Choice Awards. Well, she did try it with him and he LOVED it!! "Check it out" and hear all of her great comments on YouTube including Felicia and Tiffany doing the check it out girls routine for Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun!

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