Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Making of Gymathtics 2.0

The final filming for Gymathtics 2.0 came so quickly yet was the longest to practice and film. The cast filmed the Shape Stretches Warm Up and Counting Calisthenics during the final shoot. These are my favorite parts of the movie because they have the most math.

It is important to start any exercise program with a warm up to get the body moving and ready for the more intense parts of the routine. The Shape Stretches Warm Up gets us moving our body with lines, arcs, and irregular pentagons ending with sphere kicks to bring the routine to a new dimension.

Counting Calisthenics gets your heart pumping and tongue twisted as we count integers, fractions, and pi to the 19th decimal while exercising to fun upbeat music.

As summer ends and the cast is all now back to school except Ms. Carrie, the final filming was completed to create the next level of the Award Winning Gymathtics series. Now the editing will begin with plans to have the new Exploracise Gymathtics 2.0 ready for the 2009 holiday season.

"I know the new program will help so many children learn math by having fun and getting healthy at the same time, states Ms. Carrie, "we want every parent, professional, and instructor to have more tools to help kids develop a love of learning and healthy lifestyle to be a dream stretch star for life!"

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