Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TOS Homeschool Crew Reviews

Exploramania got on board with the Homeschool Crew from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and had almost 100 reviews from Homeschool families around the country. Each family received a Gymathtics DVD to try with their children and see if it worked well before, after, or during the school day.

It was very interesting to see so many different comments. Most were very positive and some were even surprised how much their children enjoyed using the program. A few families determined that it may not be a fit for them but acknowledged that it may work for others. There were children even age 13 using the program and as young as age 3. A few moms even joined in and most families think it is great for day when outdoor play is not possible due to the weather.

"What fun my kids had watching and exercising to the Gymathtics DVD I received as a review resource for The Old Schoolhouse review crew. I opened the package, popped it in the DVD player and asked the kids if they wanted to watch? Before I knew it they were both up kicking, jumping, squatting, bending and more. They were moving their bodies and learning math skills at the same time! They didn't even know they were learning. Exploracise says that "Gymathtics is an Interactive Math and Exercise Experience." I totally agree!"

Gymathtics received high marks as a fun kids exercise video getting kids moving and learning math at the same time. Our favorite review was one where the mother actually taped her daughter following the routine and put it on YouTube. The girl was definitely Getting Fit, Getting Smart and Having Fun! Visit www.exploramania.com to see a short video clip of Gymathtics.

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