Friday, April 30, 2010

May is Physical Fitness Awareness Month

May has been observed as National Physical Fitness and Sports Awareness Month since 1983. Led by The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, many organizations and individuals have developed programs or events to promote the importance of physical activity to create a healthy lifestyle leading to a happier and more productive life.

Many states, towns and neighborhoods will be participating in events to increase awareness of physical fitness and sports. Check your local paper to see what activities maybe be happening in your town and get involved. You can do more right in your home through several family fun activities. Exploramania launched our first product focused on getting kids healthy with a 30 minute workout that also teaches math facts and healthy lifestyle concepts.

The Exploracise series will continue to bring interactive educational exercise products to families to Get Fit! Get Smart! Have Fun! Learn more about the Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics program at Celebrate National Physical Fitness Awareness Month by bringing Gymathtics into your home and having family fun together!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day and Math

Earth Day 2010 is on April 22 and it also happens to fall during Math Awareness Month. So, how can you have fun with math on Earth Day? At Exploramania, we like to teach people that math is everywhere in your daily activities.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? If you are planting trees, collecting trash, or measuring the temperature, math can be incorporated into all of these activities and more. When planting trees or flowers, you can count the seeds, measure how deep the hole is that you dig to plant a tree, measure the amount of water that you pour on the plant, etc.

When collecting trash you can count the total number of trash bags collected, the weight of all the trash collected, and how much trash would be collected if 1000 more people across the country collected the same amount of trash.

When collecting newspapers for recycling, you can measure how many inches of paper was collected. How many pages of paper are in an inch then estimate in a foot or a mile?

Now back to climate change, you can measure what the temperature is in the morning on Earth Day where you live and what the high is. What was the change in temperature for that day in Fahrenheit? In Celsius? Chart the high and lows for a week and get the average high and low for your location for a week startign on Earth Day. Compare to other cities around the country. Maybe family or friends in other cities can track the same measurements and you can compare which are greater or lower. Or check out the high and low temps in other cities online.

There are so many fun ways to incorporate Math into your Earth Day activities including using the award-winning and super-fun Gymathtics DVD.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Activity vs. Exercise

Last week, when we discussed healthy habits, activity was a big one. Did you notice that the focus of that blog entry was on ACTIVITY, not on EXERCISE? When you hear that word “exercise” what do you think of? Going to the gym, logging miles on the treadmill, doing a certain amount of time on the elliptical or lifting weights? It’s exhausting just to think about. When you think of exercise and your kids, does it make you think of something that’s a chore, something that you’ll have to force them to do?

How about “activity?” Does that conjure up images of a walk together as a family, playing in the pool, a Saturday afternoon softball game, riding bikes to the park or maybe even spending the day at your favorite theme park? Find new activities to do as a family. Try rafting or hiking a nearby trail.

Pick an activity, whatever it is, and you’ll get your kids to exercise, but they won’t even know it. They’ll have fun and so will you. At Exploramania, we believe in active learning, so while you’re doing the activities you’ve chosen, think of ways to make it a learning experience. You could look for shapes in nature while on your walk or count the number of people you see wearing red shirts at the theme park. We encourage you to make Gymathtics a regular part of your family's active routine. Whatever you choose to do, make it something you enjoy and make it interactive, and you’ll find that exercise IS fun.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Teach Your Kids Healthy Habits By Example

When your kids see YOU being active and having fun, they are more likely to be active themselves. And when those healthy behaviors start at a young age, there is a good chance they will continue as a lifelong habit. On the flip side, an inactive childhood will result in an inactive adult life. Additionally, parents should control and limit the amount of time their kids spend in front of the TV, playing video games and being on the computer. A great activity that involves the TV is Exploramania's award-winning Gymathtics DVD. Parents can join their kids in this fun, interactive way to incorporate fitness, learning and fun!! Exploracise Mats are also a great way to add cushion and creativity ttansforming the floor into an active learning space.

There are many ways, in addition to Gymathtics, to incorporate activity into your everyday lives. Find those activities that your family enjoys doing together. It can be as simple as going for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner or putting on some fun music and dancing together. On the weekends, you can go to the park, swim together or go for a family bike ride. If you have younger children, there are many indoor play areas where you can sign up for classes or go for open play. These places are especially great when it’s too hot or too cold to be outside with the little ones.

We also know that our eating habits affect our kids. The best way to maintain a healthy weight and avoid weight-related health problems is to make healthy choices at the supermarket and include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Limit processed junk food sugary drinks. If they aren’t in the house, you and your kids will learn to live without them or consider them special treats every once in a while. It’s amazing how quickly a person adapts to a healthier diet when they have the right choices in front of them and temptations are limited. Young children tend to eat only when they are hungry. If we give them too many unhealthy options, not only are they likely to gain weight, but choosing junk food over healthier alternatives will become a habit that over time will be more and more difficult to break. For children this could result in a lifelong battle with obesity and other health problems.

Regular activity and healthy eating go hand in hand. Parents set the example that their kids will follow and it’s never too soon or too late to start. If you find all of this overwhelming, start by making small changes one at a time. If you are already doing well for yourself and your family in terms of activity and healthy eating, kudos to you! Keep it up. Please share your successes and struggles with us in the comments below. We can all learn from each other.