Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Activity vs. Exercise

Last week, when we discussed healthy habits, activity was a big one. Did you notice that the focus of that blog entry was on ACTIVITY, not on EXERCISE? When you hear that word “exercise” what do you think of? Going to the gym, logging miles on the treadmill, doing a certain amount of time on the elliptical or lifting weights? It’s exhausting just to think about. When you think of exercise and your kids, does it make you think of something that’s a chore, something that you’ll have to force them to do?

How about “activity?” Does that conjure up images of a walk together as a family, playing in the pool, a Saturday afternoon softball game, riding bikes to the park or maybe even spending the day at your favorite theme park? Find new activities to do as a family. Try rafting or hiking a nearby trail.

Pick an activity, whatever it is, and you’ll get your kids to exercise, but they won’t even know it. They’ll have fun and so will you. At Exploramania, we believe in active learning, so while you’re doing the activities you’ve chosen, think of ways to make it a learning experience. You could look for shapes in nature while on your walk or count the number of people you see wearing red shirts at the theme park. We encourage you to make Gymathtics a regular part of your family's active routine. Whatever you choose to do, make it something you enjoy and make it interactive, and you’ll find that exercise IS fun.

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