Friday, May 7, 2010

Active Learning - it's fun and it works!

At Exploramania, our vision is to bring learning to life through interactive educational experiences. Scientific research shows that both multi-sensory learning, in addition to exercise, partnered with learning, have been proven to produce significantly higher recognition and recall. Through the award-winning Exploracise® DVD series and other creative products, we seek to enrich the minds and bodies of children everywhere.

The power of our products' educational experience lies in the way it uses 2 separate methods to strengthen the connections in the brain made during learning.

The first method, learning with multiple senses, takes advantage of the synergy that occurs when learning occurs using more than one sense. In our educational DVDs, the participant hears the educational information from the TV, views that information on the TV, and using exercise and muscle posing, kinesthetically acts out the educational concept being described.

Scientific studies of the brain have demonstrated the application of these concepts. When multiple senses are used to learn information, that information is learned significantly better and with better memory recall than when information is learned with only one sense.

This allows information to be learned in a more efficient (requiring less time) and more comprehensive (better understood and retained) manner.

The second method, neural growth factors, takes advantage of the powerful growth factors for learning and memory created in the brain during exercise. These growth factors, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1) with others lead to the actual growth of new nerve cells and significant improvement in the connections between existing nerve cells in the brain

The end result of these "new and improved" nerve cells is faster and better learning.

The combination of multi-sense learning with neural growth factors produced during exercise allows the viewer of our educational program to learn the knowledge being presented faster and more completely than any other method in existence today.

Exploracises Gymathtics DVD Series uses the best techniques of the 21st century to teach and help the viewers of our program learn math concepts better and more comprehensively while getting quality healthful exercise. Get your copy today by visiting our website or amazon and start introducing your kids to a fun new way to learn!!

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