Thursday, October 14, 2010

Exploracise wins TWO more awards

The Exploracise Gymathtics DVD won 2 more Dr. Toy Awards - Best 100 Products 2010 & 10 Best Active Products 2010.

The Exploracise Gymathtics DVD is the Ultimate Brain and Body Workout, teaching math facts and healthy lifestyle concepts during a complete workout in just under 30 minutes. This is a fun learning exercise experience that kids like to do over again. The routine is a fast-paced, beginner workout that is great for all ages. The math vocabulary targets children who enjoy listening to the new words. The Program is recognized as one of the best kids exercise DVDs providing quality time and helping to get kids fitter and smarter.

Give your kids - and yourself - a great gift and a wonderful active, educational experience that they will want to do again and again. Learn more and order your own copy here. Check out Exploramania on facebook, too, and stay up to date on current events and happenings.

Too much TV and computer time can psychologically damage kids

Earlier this week, the journal Pediatrics published a study that found the risk of psychological difficulties increased by about 60 percent when kids between 10 and 11 years old spent more than two hours daily watching TV or playing on the computer. These difficulties include how they relate to peers, emotional issues, hyperactivity or conduct challenges.

Previous studies have linked excessive TV viewing with childhood obesity, and both TV and computer use have been associated with psychological problems and an increase in sedentary time, according to background information in the study.

This particular study wanted to see if high physical activity levels could compensate for the adverse effects associated with high TV and computer use.

The risk of psychological difficulties went up even more for children who weren't active during the day, with a 70 percent risk of psychological problems for sedentary children who watched more than two hours of TV, and 81 percent for those who spent more than two hours on the computer.

Surprisingly, being highly physically active didn't offer much protection against psychological difficulties if children already clocked more than two hours of screen time each day. The risk of psychological difficulties was still increased by about 50 percent for the highly active group when they spent more than two hours watching TV or using the computer, according to the study.

While excessive TV and computer use may create problems with a child's emotional well-being, the study wasn't designed to determine a cause-and-effect relationship between screen time and psychological problems, or if troubled youngsters are simply more likely to spend more time with TV and computers.

While parents can limit their kids time on the TV and computer, it can't be avoided altogether. When your kids watch TV or play on the computer, make it quality time. Exploramania offers a 30 minute fun, active, educational Exploracise Gymathtics DVD that will get kids moving, learning and having a great time while they watch TV. Look for educational websites that are also fun yet educational. Make learning fun for the kids so that their media time is time well spent with positive benefits.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Lifestyle and Obesity

Family Lifestyle is linked to obesity. A recent study in the American Journal of Sociology showed that adolescents tend to be heavier in families that frequently miss meals or spend several hours a day in front of the TV or playing video games. Weight issues also tend to run in families, not just because of genetics, but primarily because of what the family does together, what they eat and how they organize themselves as a family

It’s important not to skip meals. You will likely end up hungrier later which can result in overeating.

Family meals are also very important. When kids sit down and eat with their family, they tend to have a more normal weight because parents can give structure for the meals, provide a well-balanced meal and set limits around food, such as it’s not a good idea to skip eating vegetables and then have two helpings of dessert.

Watching TV and eating should be done separately. Kids and families who spend more time in front of the TV are more likely to be heavier.

Adopt healthy behaviors you can do as a family – quality time that’s also active – such as going for a walk, playing in the backyard, or spending time at a park playing ball. Exploramania offers you the award-winning Exploracise Gymathtics DVD series, which is a great activity that can be done as a family

Parents are role models and children will adopt their habits and behaviors, so let’s make sure we set a good example that encourages healthy lifestyle choices.