Thursday, October 14, 2010

Exploracise wins TWO more awards

The Exploracise Gymathtics DVD won 2 more Dr. Toy Awards - Best 100 Products 2010 & 10 Best Active Products 2010.

The Exploracise Gymathtics DVD is the Ultimate Brain and Body Workout, teaching math facts and healthy lifestyle concepts during a complete workout in just under 30 minutes. This is a fun learning exercise experience that kids like to do over again. The routine is a fast-paced, beginner workout that is great for all ages. The math vocabulary targets children who enjoy listening to the new words. The Program is recognized as one of the best kids exercise DVDs providing quality time and helping to get kids fitter and smarter.

Give your kids - and yourself - a great gift and a wonderful active, educational experience that they will want to do again and again. Learn more and order your own copy here. Check out Exploramania on facebook, too, and stay up to date on current events and happenings.

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